A river of roses

       This photo session was a special one as we had in our studio a young lady, who is doing so many things that I don’t even know with what to start. Beside the fact that she is working for a cool company that is buying and selling motorbikes ( http://webuyanybike.com ) being the Digital Marketing Manager, she is also very active in her social media life. She is creating content as a blogger and lots of videos for youtube. Her passion for Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle is beyond limits and if you want to learn about makeup and all kind of beauty products she is giving you everything. On the other side, if you like travelling and you are not sure where to go,  check out her website  http://ariverofroses.com as she been travelling all over the world – Las Vegas, Turkey, Florida and this is just to name a few and she will give all the good tips. She even got a list of Christmas movies on her website!

       Her name is Emma Henry and if you haven’t done it yet, you can follow her on Instagram at @ariverofroses , on Twitter as Emma Henry and do not forget about her youtube channel Emma Henry.



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