The wedding celebration of

David and Corina

July is for weddings

I don’t know about others, but when it’s about siblings or any member of the family I must be there present for them no matter the type of the event. This time wasn’t different, because one of my brothers, David, got married on 7th of July 2019 with his beautiful wife Corina. They are such a cute couple and I wish them all the best and at least a dozen children. Even if he is only 23 years old he had the courage to ask Corina’s parents for their blessing before he proposed, which is something to admire these days. 

Back to the wedding, the religious ceremony took place in a small church but everything felt so intimate and seeing my 90 years old grandfather there was the icing on the cake, as the day couldn’t get any better. The church sounded  like Madrigal Chorus and  I could feel the power of the prayer like I never did before. After one and a half hours, filled with emotions, the Groom and Bride told their vows and the priest declared them husband and wife. 

After the ceremony everybody was thinking about the feisty meal that we were about to have and oh my God, what a meal!!! After enjoying all the food, it was the perfect time for a photo session. 

Being a professional photographer I had to take my own photos at the wedding and this is with what I came up with.


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