Roarsome Wedding at Holdsworth House

Sundays are meant to be spend with the loved ones, so there’s no surprise that Matt &Beth decided to celebrate their marriage on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Luiza Calini was in charge with beautifying the bride and the ladies present, and they all looked stunning. The ceremony and the party took place at the gorgeous Holdsworth House and the theme was #Roarsome Wedding, showing the newlyweds passion for dinosaurs. The venue was beautifully decorated, the attention to detail was second to none, so here are a few pictures from their unique wedding which I captured before the ceremony started. Enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “Roarsome Wedding at Holdsworth House – The Venue”

  1. These photos are stunning so much better than others we have received. I do wish we had met you before we booked someone! I hope you are sharing with Holdsworth house or hash tagging them on instagram. Because there were no photos of grandparents we hope to try arrange an outing to Holdsworth House and book you to take photos.

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