The wedding celebration

       Your Wedding is one of the most beautiful sacred moment in your life. Everybody you know, all your family and friends are coming to see you and to cherish and celebrate this unique beautiful moments. My job as a photographer is to let you be yourself so I can write your story as natural as possible through photography. There will be moments during your wedding where I will give you some directives, but most of the time you will forget that I am there, so you can enjoy the event.    

Matt & Beth

This wedding was a different one as I shouldn’t have been there to take the photos….

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Matt & Mara

The special bond between the English Man and a Beautiful Romanian Lady

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      My roll beside taking the photos for you is also to make you feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera, that’s why it is important to meet upfront the event to get familiarise with each other and create  a friendship relationship rather then just ”another client”.

Here are a few advises which you should consider in order to get the best pictures during the wedding:

Because I have to arrive in front of the bride and the groom in all the different places it will be great if I will have a reserved spot to park the car, as we all know that on this special day can be a struggle sometime to park the car. 

Regarding the bridesmaids and the best men, a close colour will benefit when it’s about the dressing code, which will bring a big plus  considering the chromatic.

Groom and Bride preparation

It is important that the place where the groom and the bride are going to have the wedding preparation to be tidy, bright and spacious, also the hair and the make-up for the bride is not recommended to take place in the kitchen or in the bathroom. 

Details shots

At the bridal preparation I will photo shoot details as bridal dress, high hill shoes,  jewellery and other accessories.

For the groom I will have to shot the suit, shoes, belt, tie/ bow tie, the watch, handcuffs and other accessories.

The special photo session for the Groom and the Bride during the wedding

      This photo session will take place somewhere around the restaurant or in a park on the way or somewhere close to the event. For this photo session beside the groom and the bride , we also need  the best men and the bridesmaids, as the rest of the family and friends can distract them. During the wedding and I will make sure that everybody will have photos.   

It is important to meet or make an online conference, because the more I know about the wedding the more will are all going to be prepared.