Traditional Nigerian Wedding

Prince and Janet

Photography and tradition

In Nigeria, a wedding is more than a celebration, it’a a union between two families becoming one.

The Nigerian ceremony is a traditional engagement, it is a celebration where the couple would bring their two families together to meet one another and approve so that they could get married. During the ceremony, the groom will beg on the ground, for the bride’s hand in marriage. The groom must prove that he is worthy, will love and take great care of her .
In this case the groom, Prince has to be found through the crowd by his future wife Janet who is caring a cup filled with palm wine handed by her father. After the groom is found he has to drink the wine and then he hands the glass back to his wife-to-be. Once she has taken a sip, their marriage is official and the two families are united.


Money spraying is a gesture used in Nigerian culture to show the happiness for someone. Seeing dollar bills all over the place is a common tradition,where guests spray money out of their own will,this normally starts when the couple is on the dance floor.
This wedding was not an exception as I never seen so much money thrown on the floor and all over. After speaking with the bride I have found out that they have been honoured with friends and relatives present at their traditional wedding day from all over the world, including Europe, Africa and America. It is such a good feeling for me taking part at such a special event. Me and my wife we felt more than welcome and it was so easy to leave yourself taken by the tide. Everyone had a great vibe and energy and I was almost dancing while I was taking photos.

Family members of the couple, or even friends decide to wear identical colours at an event to identify themselves. So at a Nigerian wedding you could differentiate the bride’s family from the groom’s family based on the colours and fabrics they’re wearing, all chosen by the groom. The outfit has a very rich colour and the fabric is exquisite.
As you can see in the pictures below, the Nigerian culture has such colourful dressing code which I think fits perfectly with their attitude and tradition. Each individual colour represents a meaning which may vary depending on the group of people, but the most common meanings are :
Red – is a powerful colour which represents the sacrifice that occurred during its fight for freedom
Gold – this colour represents fertility and wealth also being very popular these days
White – is spirituality and purity
Blue – is the colour of the sky and it represents love, passion and peace
Green – is about everything that lives, it’s the colour of health and prosperity.

When it comes to guest lists, there’s no such thing for a Nigerian wedding. Everyone’s invited so you can invite 250 guests and end up having even 1000 guests attend.Everyone wants to dance the night away in celebration.
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nigerian beautiful woman profile in red
nigerian african woman posing in park
nigerian african beautiful woman in red
nigerian groomsmen dancing
man dancing at nigerian wedding
nigerian groom dancing with groomsman
nigerian man holding a plate with sweets for wedding
nigerian african party praying wedding celebration
nigerian african women in blue dress
nigerian women dancing wedding
nigerian bride in a red dress dancing money spray
nigerian african bride dancing in the crowd money spraying
nigerian traditions kane
nigerian african couple dancing and money spraying
nigerian woman dansing
nigerian bride in red dress looking at father and smiling
nigerian bride asking for father's permision
nigerian bride in red dress with bridesmaids
nigerian bride in a red dress with a cup
nigerian wedding celebration
nigerian groom drinking from bride
groom and bride dancing money spray
nigerian groom and bride asking for the father's blessing kneeling
nigerian groom and bride asking for the fathers blessing
nigerian groom and bride dancing
nigerian groom and bride at their celebration
nigerian groom kissing bride red dress
nigerian bride looking up
nigerian groom receiving money 100 euro
african women taking a picture
nigerian bride and groom
african couple posing on the traditional wedding day

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