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The peckforton castel Fairy-tale wedding

the wedding at the Castel

I would like to share with you  a few interesting things about Peckforton Castle because it has such a beautiful history and I believe that it has a specific charm when it comes to photography and film.
Peckforton Castle is located at the north end of Peckforton Hills, in Cheshire, England .
Peckforton Castle was built between 1844 and 1850 for John Tollemache, the largest landowner in Cheshire at the time, who was described as “the greatest estate manager of his day”.
Designed by Anthony Salvin in the Gothic style, Peckforton Castle is a Victorian country house built in the style of a medieval castle.This place is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade I listed building.
The Tollemache family used the castle for occasional gatherings, but otherwise it was unused until 1969. In 2006 Peckforton Castle purchased by Naylor family who expended its use to attract people from all over the world. Nowadays, they are offering a big variety of services such as accommodation, SPA, restaurant, ceremony rooms, weddings, meetings and events and their food is amazing – Classic French and Modern British cuisine.
Our groom and bride wanted to have a second wedding where they invited just the closest members of the family and I must say everyone was so relaxed and you can tell just by looking at the pictures. We had a beautiful sunny day and we were able to use the drone therefore we got some great footage of the castle.
Perfect for your own Fairy-tale Wedding, Peckforton Castle is such an amazing venue for smaller or bigger weddings.

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bride with veil in the wind
asian bride looking down
rochdale town hall
wedding rings on pillow
excited groom before seeing the bride
bride with parents
groom and bride tying the knot
bride placing the ring on the grooms hand
Bride and groom getting married at rochdale town hall
Bride and groom coming out of Rochdale Town Hall
Bride and groom at Rochdale Town Hall with confetti thrown towards them
bride with family
bride with her parents
Bride and groom at Rochdale Town Hall
bride and groom looking into each other's eyes
bride and groom goofing laughing
bride and groom covered by the bridal veil
Bride and groom posing in rochdale
Bride and groom at Rochdale Town Hall
Bride and groom at Rochdale Town Hall
Bride and groom at Rochdale Town Hall
Bride and groom at Rochdale Town Hall
Wedding at Peckforton Castle, groom and bride going at the Castle
bride and groom posing near a tree at peckforton castle
Bride and groom at Peckforton Castle posing
groom and bride posing at Peckforton Castle entrance
groom smiling at the bride
groom and bride entering the castle gardens
bride and groom posing
Bride and groom in front of a castle
Bride and groom at peckforton castle posing
Room at Peckforton Castle
children posing at peckforton castle
groom at peckforton castle on the staircase
bride and groom on the staircase
bride and groom looking from the window
bride and groom at peckforton castle
Bride and groom at Peckforton
groom bride and friends at Peckforton Castle

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