The wedding celebration of

Matt and Mara

JUst play the game

When I first met Mara and Matt I knew from the very begging that they are not going to be just my clients, instead they became my friends. 

Matt is a proper English man and Mara is a Romanian lady who worked as an accountant all her life until she met him. 

Their story started by playing an online game called League of Angels and at the beginning Matt thought that Mara was a guy judging by the character that she was playing with. Later, when Mara had to go for a short holiday trip to the country side ( no internet there ) she had to give her account to Matt in order to take good care of her game character. This is when he realised for the first time that Mara is a woman and suddenly a ring started to bell. After long games and a lot of talk they decided it’s time to meet, to see each other in real life, you know, like real people do. 

Mara packed everything up and she booked a flight to England. Matt, as the gentleman that he is, knew that Mara is a football fan and he decided, against his football preferences to buy tickets so he can impress her. This was definitely  a big plus as now they are pronounced husband and wife.

On the wedding day everything was perfect, starting from the bridal preparation, groom preparation, religious  ceremony and then the reception. Everything was on time as I didn’t have to rush anything related to photography. Luiza did the makeup for the bride and the bridesmaid, which means that I had time to take all the good shots of the details.

I have chosen a few pictures in order to guide you through their wedding day. 

I hope that you will enjoy their story!

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